General conditions of sale

Voiture privée business et loisirs Company (VPBL) provides transport services to individuals and professionals using chauffeured private cars (VTC) exclusively by prior reservation and at a predetermined price. To do this, it provides users with an online booking tool via its website Its activity has been authorized by the Ministry of Transport by the issuance of the EVTC093200425 license.

Article 1: Object

These general conditions aim to define the conditions applicable to transport service contracts concluded between VPBL and its clients. Any order placed with VPBL entails the acceptance of the following terms of sale, which are an integral part of the transport contract signed between VPBL and its client. VPBL is free to modify these general terms of sale at any time, regardless of the cause or reason.

Article 2: Booking

Any reservation must be made by the client or by an authorized representative. For any reservation, the client must provide the following information: Client information: name, first name, telephone number, and email address. Information about the trip: date and time of pick-up, departure and arrival locations, need for a booster seat, as well as the flight or train number if applicable.

Article 3: Rates

Our rates are inclusive of tax, 20% VAT on all our availability services. 10% VAT on all our passenger transport and hot air balloon flights. 5.5% VAT on theme park tickets. 7% VAT on tandem skydiving jumps. The prices indicated include the vehicle, the driver’s service, insurance for the transported persons, fuel, kilometers, and time determined during the reservation and/or upon the conclusion of the contract, as well as the transport of the client’s luggage within the limits of the vehicle’s capability. The cost of tolls, parking, places of entry into any place chosen by the client and/or made necessary for the performance of the service not initially planned in the itinerary remains the responsibility of the client. The given price corresponds to a price per vehicle, regardless of the number of persons. Note that all the photos provided on our documents and website are for illustrative purposes only and are not contractual.

Article 4: Reservation

Modification Any modification of one or more essential elements of the reservation results in its cancellation. VPBL will make its best efforts to meet the modification request made by the client.

Article 5: Cancellation and Refund

Conditions Any cancellation of a reservation must be notified 24 hours before the start of the service. Otherwise, and for any reason whatsoever, no refund can be made.

Article 6: Availability

Any availability service must be requested by reservation on our contact page. It must be made by the client or by an authorized representative. Any reservation must mention the place of performance of the service, the duration, the number of passengers, and the name and contact information of the beneficiary of the service if different from those of the client. The service will include a flat-rate of 30km per hour. Any additional kilometer will be invoiced to the client based on the vehicle and the mileage bracket in effect on the website. Any cancellation of availability must be reported 48 hours before the start of the service. Otherwise, and for any reason whatsoever, a fixed and non-deductible penalty equal to 50% of the amount initially planned during the reservation will be due. The service is valid only once, and if it turns out that the client is not present at the meeting place, the service will be definitively lost and will not give any right to a refund. Any waiting time will be charged based on the hourly rate mentioned in our rates for the reserved vehicle category.

Article 7: Modifications during service

If the client requests modifications to the itinerary during the service that result in changes to the program, additional fees will apply and must be paid on-site or at the end of the service. If changes to the route and/or duration of the service are due to the client’s sole decision, the client will be responsible for any resulting fees.

Article 8: Payments

For occasional clients, payment is due at the time of reservation, which can be made through PayPal or Stripe. A 20% deposit will be required to validate the reservation for onboard payment via credit card or cash. For clients with accounts, invoices must be paid by bank transfer upon receipt. The client who signs the reservation is solely responsible for payment.

Article 9: Obligations and responsibility of VPBL

VPBL commits to performing or arranging transportation services in compliance with the reservation details and in accordance with all relevant regulations and legislation within the allotted time frame and according to the terms and conditions. VPBL will make every effort to transport the passenger(s) to their destination safely and within the shortest possible time frame, following the Highway Code and applicable laws. VPBL cannot be held responsible for transportation delays due to circumstances beyond its control, such as road closures, bridge closures, detours, floods, traffic congestion, police or customs interventions, and fire department interventions, etc. (without limitation). VPBL cannot be held responsible for delays due to force majeure, including strikes, weather conditions, terrorist attacks, riots, etc. (without limitation). VPBL cannot be held responsible for delays arising from a client’s initial delay or from the need to complete a trip within an obviously too-short time frame upon the client’s request. If the vehicle is immobilized due to mechanical failure, an accident, or damage (theft, vandalism), VPBL will make every effort to continue the journey either with one of its own vehicles or with a vehicle chartered from another company and will notify the client.

VPBL is insured by a reputable insurance company that covers the risks associated with its activities in accordance with applicable regulations. If VPBL subcontracts any part of the service, it will ensure that the people and companies it engages meet the same requirements.

Article 10: Obligations and responsibility of the client

The client agrees, on behalf of themselves and the passengers they have contracted with VPBL, to comply with the following provisions:

  • Observe the rules of the Highway Code (wear a seatbelt, use a child safety seat, use a booster seat, etc.);
  • No smoking or transporting hazardous materials;
  • Respect the driver and the vehicle;
  • Respect other passengers who may be sharing the vehicle with the client and the driver (avoid personal questions, discretion when using the phone, inappropriate language or gestures, discrimination, etc.). Failure to comply with these provisions will be the exclusive responsibility of the client and passengers, both to VPBL and to third parties. If the equipment or vehicle is damaged due to the client’s or accompanying passengers’ actions, the client will be held responsible and must reimburse VPBL and/or the driver for the costs of repairing the damaged vehicle or equipment. VPBL reserves the right to refuse service, remove a passenger who does not comply with these obligations, and terminate the client’s account. The passenger is solely responsible for their belongings and baggage. If any items are forgotten in the vehicle, VPBL cannot be held liable.

Article 11: Collection of personal data

See our “Privacy Policy.”